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BB 16: Abdu Rozik crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia? Cutely follows her everywhere!

BB 16: Abdu Rozik crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia? Cutely follows her everywhere!

Abdu Rozik is one of the most loved contestants who is turning out to be the number one contestant of Bigg Boss 16.

By BollywoodMDB Team | Updated On: Oct 21, 2022 09:38 PM IST

BB 16: Abdu Rozik crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia?  Cutely follows her everywhere!

Due to Bigg Boss's outrageous antics and the continuously shifting relationships between the contestants inside the house, Bigg Boss 16 is getting more and more exciting to watch. On the twentieth day of Bigg Boss, Sajid Khan, Manya Singh, MC Stan, Gori, and Abdu Rozik join together for breakfast. When Sajid asks Abdu how he feels about Manya leaving the house, Abdu noisily bangs the table in response, signaling that he is okay with it. Sajid asks the same questions and gives the same answers regarding Priyanka and Archana.

Abdu claims he will be delighted when Archana departs, but when Sajid asks how he would feel if Nimrit left the family, Abdu softly hits the table and says he wouldn't like it. The day before Stan leaves the house, according to Stan, there will be a party. Nimrit says that Abdu makes her feel attractive, and he inquires as to why. He asks her if she has any idea, and when she replies that she doesn't, he remarks on her appearance and tells her she looks stunning. She expresses gratitude to him. Then, Bigg Boss says that because they haven't made any drama or kept him engaged, he's feeling drowsy. He invites them to join him in the confessional, but he asks them not to be predictable and provide something fresh.

The official handle of Colors TV shared the clip on Instagram and wrote, “Nimrit ke deewane Abdu ghum rahe hai unke aage peeche, kya hai yeh more than just friendship? Dekhiye #BiggBoss16 Mon-Fri raat 10 baje aur Sat-Sun raat 9.30 baje, sirf #Colors par. Anytime on @voot”

Sajid claims that all the women are taking advantage of him because they believe that getting near to him or caressing him will help them get more publicity because he is already the nation's favorite when they enter the confessional during this session. When questioned about his thoughts on the matter, Abdu replies that he is uncertain. As proof that Abdu likes Nimrit and has agreed to marry her as well, Sajid remembers the previous days when he had asked him whether he wants to marry Nimrit and he had given him the okay with a thumbs-up. Sajid claims that despite the fact that Nimrit and Abdu are genuinely in a relationship, Nimrit likes Abdu.

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