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BIGG BOSS 16: Sreejita De and Sajid Khan to be evicted from the show?

BIGG BOSS 16: Sreejita De and Sajid Khan to be evicted from the show?

Bigg Boss 16 eliminations: This week, if sources are to be believed, there will be two eliminations, as opposed to none last week. The names Sajid Khan and Sreejita De have been mentioned.

By Alisha Limbachia | Updated On: Jan 13, 2023 01:46 PM IST

BIGG BOSS 16: Sreejita De and Sajid Khan to be evicted from the show?

The family week is presently being featured on Bigg Boss 16. The family members of each and every contestant will meet them and temporarily reside with them. The housemates are currently enjoying the finest time. We observed the Salman Khan-hosted reality television show's roommates being greeted by their brothers, sisters, moms, and even fiance. Bigg Boss 16 will end by next month. However, we need additional competitors to be eliminated in order to reach our TOP 5 or TOP 3. Additionally, according to Khabri, there would be two separate eliminations. You did read that correctly.


Bigg Boss 16 has dominated Entertainment News when it first debuted a few months ago. On the TRP charts, Bigg Boss 16 has been performing ok. You can't refute Salman Khan's fanaticism, even though weekday figures are lower than weekend ones. And now, if The Khabri's information is accurate, this week will see the departure of two participants. This week, Sajid Khan and Sreejita De are reportedly leaving the house.


Salman Khan announced Sajid Khan as the final competitor on the Bigg Boss 16 launch night. His participation in the competition infuriated fans of the show, who blasted the network and the show's creators on social media. The Khabri was the source who made known that Sajid Khan had received at least a minimal guarantee that he would remain in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Sreejita De, on the other hand, was eliminated on Day 13 and made a comeback as a wildcard competitor.


In Bigg Boss 16, we see Sajid Khan's sister Farah Khan visiting the house during the family week. Everyone was cordially welcomed by the woman, who introduced MC Stan, Shiv Thakare, and Abdu Rozik as her three brothers.


And just tonight, we witnessed Michael Blohm-Pape, Sreejita De's fiance, entering the home. They exchanged hugs and kisses. Let's wait for the programme to air to get confirmation on the eliminations.

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