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BIGG BOSS 16: Why did Shalin Bhanot get AGGRESSIVE? Check out the new promo

BIGG BOSS 16: Why did Shalin Bhanot get AGGRESSIVE? Check out the new promo

Shalin Bhanot will be seen acting aggressively in the next Bigg Boss 16 teaser following a confrontation with Archana.

By Alisha Limbachia | Updated On: Dec 28, 2022 03:27 PM IST

BIGG BOSS 16: Why did Shalin Bhanot get AGGRESSIVE? Check out the new promo

Archana Gautam, Vikas Manaktala, Priyanka Chahar Chaoudhary, and Shalin Bhanot will engage in another physical fight in the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 episode. Shalin Bhanot's rage is seen to spiral out of control in an explosive trailer published by the show , in which he damages items in the house and warns Bigg Boss to open the door.


In The teaser Vikas Manaktala and Archana Gautam have a verbal argument during which the latter warns the former, "Don't bark like a dog," in Hindi. Infuriated, Vikas responds to her, "say the same thing to her own father".

As Archana warns Vikas not to go on her father and taunts him that he would never be a father, their argument intensifies.

The unpleasant dispute continues when Priyanka jumps in and refuses to prepare the food that Archana had prepared, sparking a fight between the two of them. Vikas and Archana's argument escalates, and they both start using abusive language against one another as well as being physically violent. When Shiv Thakare intervenes in their conflict, Vikas is prevented from touching Archana and pounced upon by him. Vikas and Priyanka's buddy Shalin Bhanot loses his composure, starts damaging furniture in the house, and hurls a chair into the air. He breaks down in tears and tells Bigg Boss to let him in. He becomes very hostile and throws the bench that is maintained in the garden area once more.

Shalin requests that Bigg Boss ask him to come in the confession room because he no longer wants to be on the show. When he becomes upset, Sajid Khan gives him a hug to comfort him. He says, "Itni bezzati nahi jhel sakta yaar, gande log rehte hain yahan par." He warns Bigg Boss saying, "Open this fU***** door, I want to step out."


In the previous show, Bigg Boss set up a task where the Live audience entered the house and chose their captain of the week through a task. Shiv Thakare was chosen as the new captain of the house by a vote.

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