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Shocking Twist in Anupamaa: Kavya announces pregnancy!!

Shocking Twist in Anupamaa: Kavya announces pregnancy!!

Kavya breaks down when she says she will become a mother in the forthcoming Anupamaa episode. Adhik, on the other side, confronts Pakhi.

By Janhavi Pathak | Updated On: Dec 9, 2022 07:28 PM IST

Shocking Twist in Anupamaa: Kavya announces pregnancy!!

Anu successfully reprimanded Manan for his immoral behaviour with Dimpy in the most recent Anupamaa episode. Everyone congratulates Anu on her boldness. On the other hand, Adhik is angry with Pakhi because of the lavish lifestyle she leads. Anu overhears them conversing. She tries to explain things to Pakhi, but she ignores her. Baa notices Dimpy and Samar together in Anu's dance class in the interim. Because of her social anxiety, Dimpy gives Anupamaa the order to keep Samar away from her. They choose to adopt Anu, Dimpy, and Anuj.

Is Kavya pregnant?

In the upcoming Anupamaa episode, Paritosh starts a job and gets along better with Kinjal. Anupamaa is happy as she welcomes Dimpy into her life. When Kavya announces she will soon become a mother, the entire family is ecstatic. Kavya sobs bitterly because she has given up on life. Anu blesses Kavya while Vanraj feels embarrassed to be around people his age.

New Entry in the Show

Adhik's brother will soon join the programme. Pakhi will notice him and think about how happy she is. Anu attempts to jump in since she doesn't want her daughter to make mistakes. Adhik, on the other hand, messes up and commits a serious error in Anuj's business. Anuj loses every project he was working on because of continuing financial issues. Anupamaa worries because she thinks Anuj's family problems are the reason he can't concentrate on his career. She decided to protect him from the strain. Anuj is upset because Anupamaa ignores Choti Anu and her academics.

Pakhi and Adhik

Adhik loses his cool as Pakhi refuses to finish any job at home. Pakhi is asked by Adhik to put on weight and inflate out. Pakhi becomes outraged when Adhik body shames her. Anupamaa is unhappy with Pakhi. She therefore desires to Talk with her. What will happen next?

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