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Amrita Arora, Malaika Arora's sister, is irritated because the actress 'cracked jokes on her'

Amrita Arora, Malaika Arora's sister, is irritated because the actress 'cracked jokes on her'

Will you feel that there is nothing you regret in your life? said Malaika's close friend Vikram Phadnis. And Malaika became perplexed.

By Janhavi Pathak | Updated On: Dec 18, 2022 05:52 AM IST

Amrita Arora, Malaika Arora's sister, is irritated because the actress 'cracked jokes on her'

It is difficult to open up and jeopardize one's privacy. Moving In With Malaika, a documentary on Malaika Arora's life, took up the task. Malaika gets frosty signals from her friends and family after revealing some juicy revelations.

In the previous episode, Malaika spoke up for Bharti Singh and other women who face body shaming and fat shaming.

Malaika directed a body positivity commercial starring some well-known celebrities. Malaika's guests were humiliated, trolled, and judged on several occasions. However, they sent out a message of triumph over hatred, and they are happily living their lives on their terms.

Malaika and her mother, Joyce Arora, were prepared to welcome Arhaan after directing the video.

After a long absence, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika's kid visited Mumbai. Excitedly welcoming Arhaan, a jubilant Malaika. Arhaan gave his grandmother a hearty hug as soon as he entered the home. The mother and son pair sat on the couch and got to talking about a variety of topics.

When Malaika complained to Arhaan that he never set aside a day for her, he slyly responded, "Let's avoid jumping the gun. It is excessive to ask." I am biased toward Amu (Amrita Arora, Malaika's sister)," Khan continued. When his mother questioned him, he responded, "Do not force me to bring it up. There is a "dear list" where Amu acts as a sort of the second mother, but I believe she has been elevated to the top position. She is advocating for it." You have fallen considerably, Arhaan continued. He casually said, "Just like that," when the actress inquired about his reasoning.

Malaika, Arhaan, and Amrita Arora are having brunch as a family in the forthcoming episode.

As soon as Amrita complained to Malaika, their family time became dramatic. Malaika's stand-up routine has Amrita indignant. Malaika made jokes about Amrita during the stint, but Amrita didn't enjoy them. I believe you could be more thoughtful about the jokes you constantly crack on me, Amrita said. Arora left because she was so furious. Malaika invited a few of her pals to hang out later in the evening. Vikram Phadnis, a fashion designer, said he didn't enjoy her stand-up or the makeover. Aditi Govitrikar defended Malaika, but Arora infuriated Vikram. Fadnis turned down the show and her makeover. remarked Vikram. "You and I go back 25 years. Will you feel that there is nothing you have ever regretted in your life years from now?" I am someone who has never, ever tried to go out of my way to garner any attention, Malaika responded, perplexed.

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