Down Town

Down Town

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Banner : 4th Dimension Films

Director : Andalib M. Sultanpuri

Producer : Akhil Rajendra

Star : Vinod Khanna , Rati Agnihotri, Akhil Rajendra

In this drama-flick, Sahil, a son of a multi-millionaire person Rajdeep Oberoi loses the feelings about human emotions due to his wealthy background. Looking at his attitude, his father decides to teach him a lesson and thus, he tells Sahil to spend 24 hours without any money on the streets of Mumbai. Sahil takes up the challenge thinking it as a simple task, but the things turn in different ways.

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Movie Plot

Sahil (Akhil Rajendra) is the single son of multi-millionaire Rajdeep Oberoi (Vinod Khanna). He has turn out to be numb to human morals because he has so many assets around him.

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