26 July, 2013 | 2 hrs 28 mins

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Director : Manish Tiwary

Producer : Shailesh R. Singh , Dhaval Gada

Star : Prateik Babbar , Rajeshwari Sachdev, Ravi Kishan

The movie twirls around two wealthy political families Mishra and Kashyap living in Banaras, who are arch rivals of each other. A local minister tries to bring peace between the strained relationship of these two families. However, his attempts go in vein, when Mishra\'s son Rahul falls in love with Kashyap\'s daughter Bachhi.

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The two rich and politically powerful families, Mishra (Sudhir Pandey) and Teetas Kashyap (Ravi Kishan) live in Banaras. These two families don't see eye to eye with each other, as they share enmity ... More

Issaq movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - July 26, 2013

Critic's Rating :

One Line Review: An inane chronicle of love inundated with amnesiac action-drama dipped in Banarasi flavor.

Positive Points: Excellent cinematography of Banaras, Powerful performance by Ravi Kishan.

Negative Points: Disparaging screenplay, A series of ambiguity goes on and on with grungy direction, Poor performance by Prateik Babbar, Atrocious fighting scenes.

Plot: The story kick-offs in the holy land of Banaras. Two high-profile families of squabbling politicians, Mishra (Sudhir Pandey) and Teetas Kashyap (Ravi Kishan) live in Banaras. The local minister (Yuri Suri) attempts to maintain ... full Issaq Review


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