12 June, 2009

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Director : M. R. Shahjahan

Producer : Vivek Singhania , Sanjiv Potnis, Dhiraj Kotkar

Star : Alma Saraci , Carlucci Weyant, Vijayendra Ghatge

Anna, who is an American by birth is married to an Indian NRI named Vikram Singh. She along with her husband visit India to the hometown of Vikram where she experiences of a Dj Vu. She recalls being there in her past life.

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Vikram (Carlucci Veyant), estranged and separated from his father, Ranvir (Vijayendra Ghatke), for the past thirty years, visits him in Ooty with his bride Anna (Alma Saraci) from New York at her ... More

Karma movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

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Karma : Crime, Passion and Reincarnation is on the brink of being one of those movies that everybody wishes was never made. But it saves itself with its brevity and compactness and some above- average direction by M R Shahjahan. It is the story of a young wife, Anna (Alma Saraci), who brings her husband Vik (Carlucci Weyant) to his hometown Ooty to reunite with his estranged father Ranvir (Vijayendra Ghatge). There she experiences immense Déjà vu and the rest , you'll figure out in the first ten minutes of the movie. Watch if you particularly enjoy watching Indian actors converse in artificial ... full Karma Review


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