Life of Pi

Life of Pi

23 November, 2012

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Director : Ang Lee

Producer : Ang Lee

Star : Irrfan Khan , Tabu, Suraj Sharma

This is one of the finest 3D magical adventure drama flick based on the bestselling book by author Yann Martel. The story is about a zoo keeper's 16 years old intelligent son named Piscine Molitor, abbreviated as Pi Patel. The Patel family dies in the shipwreck, from which only Pi Patel remains alive. The movie showcases Pacific Ocean and a lifeboat with Richard Parker, a Bengal Tiger weighing 450-pound.

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Life of Pi movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Critic's Rating :

One Line Review: A unique movie, but not engaging.

Positive Points: Direction; Story; impressive visual effects

Negative Points: Weak screenplay

Plot: The story begins with a writer (Rafe Spall) who is looking for an inspiration to write a novel. This is where an older Pi (Irfan Khan) narrates him his real life incidence. After discussing quite few events of his youth including the reason behind his shortened French name(Piscine Molitor Patel) and his first encounter with the dreaded 400 pound Royal Bengal Tiger, strangely named Richard Parker, the protagonist moves on to narrate ... full Life of Pi Review


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