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Poster Boys Plot

Retired army man Jaagavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), a nave school-teacher Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol) and recovery agent Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade), all live in the same village but haven't met each other until, one day, they find the whole village laughing at them because some posters promoting vasectomy are doing the around with their pictures posted on them. The trio is furious at the local government body for having done so without their permission. When they don't get any respite after running from pillar to post for days on end, they decide to file a case against the state government for breaching their fundamental rights. Will the method they have used help them get justice? Will the government compensate for the damage its vasectomy posters have caused to the trio? The film tries to find out answers to all these questions.

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