Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans

Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans


31 October, 2014 | 2 hrs 3 mins

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Banner : Abis Rizvi Films

Director : Kamal Sadanah

Producer : Abis Rizvi

Star : Abhinav Shukla , Himarsha V, Achint Kaur

Pandit arrives at the dreadful forest reserves of Sunderbans, along with his highly equipped Commando team to take revenge of his brother's death by killing the Royal Bengal Tigress.

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A wildlife photographer Uday (Pulkit Jawahar) rescues a white tiger's cub from the threat of poachers and brings it to his cottage. Soon, the panic amongst the villagers sets ... More

Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - October 31, 2014

Critic's Rating :

One-line Review: As Sunderban dwellers irritate Tigers, similar thing Kamal Sadanah does with his audience who go for 'Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans'

Positive points: Amazing Visual Effects, Superior Sound Quality and Picture Perfect Cinematography

Negative points: Baseless Plot and Poorly Managed Screenplay

Plot: A wildlife photographer Uday (Pulkit Jawahar) goes to the deltaic region of Sunderban, where he rescues a white tiger cub from poachers. This causes panic amongst the villagers. To get the situation in control forest warden (Achint ... full Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans Review


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