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The Xpose

The Xpose (2014)

16 May, 2014 | 1 hrs 54 mins

Thriller Social

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The Xpose


The film tells a story back in time, of politics and rivalry between two leading directors and two famous actresses with a cop turned hero playing his own game. It mainly revolves around the murder of one of the actresses and the suspense surrounding...

Plot and Review


The story is a flashback narrative by Alec D'Souza (Irrfan Khan), one of the top black marketers in the city, about the politics and enmity in the 60's Bollywood filmdom.

Zara (Sonali Raut) is the ... More

The Xpose movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - May 16, 2014 11:30 AM

Critic’s Rating :

One Line Review: Nothing new to offer, 'The Xpose' is all about film politics and rivalry and a murder set in the 60s.

Positive Points: Himesh Reshammiya delivers an unexpectedly good performance; calm and romantic music; the story is somewhat engaging.

Negative Points: Inaccurate depiction of the 60s; flamboyance and masala spoils the film.

Plot: The film begins as narrator Alec D'Souza (Irrfan Khan), a popular black marketer in Mumbai narrates the past.

Set in the Mumbai (then Bombay) of the 60s, the film is about two dominant directors in the industry who are locked in rivalry and two sizzling actresses, who are considered as the 'sex symbols' of the industry. Ravi Kumar (Himesh...