Top 25 Bollywood Movies Of 2011

Must watch top 25 Bollywood movies list contains the best direction, best critics acclaimed, top box-office collection record.

After conquering Asian underworld, the stylish criminal Don shifts his gear to European domination with a bigger aim this time. The film depicts his strategic journey towards achieving his ultimate goal, thereby ruling the European underworld.

Release: 23 December, 2011

This biographical drama has its roots in the life of a South Indian actress named Silk Smitha, who is no more now. This movie is apparently the portrayal of her life along with some life incidents of the other Southern artists like Nylon Nalini and Disco Shanti. The common aim of all these actresses was to do something unique, rather than being just a wallflower in the male-dominated film industry. The movie deftly unfolds the complex career journey of Silk Smitha.

Release: 02 December, 2011

Two friends Jerry and Nick lose their jobs after financial meltdown strikes the world. They become male escorts to earn the basic money. In time, they resentfully part their ways after getting uncovered as male escorts in front of the family and girlfriend.

Release: 25 November, 2011

This musical romantic drama traces the journey of a simple Delhi boy, who chases his dream of becoming a rockstar. The film runs on the theme of necessity of a tragedy in one's life to become a hardcore artist. The appreciable music does the trick in the film.

Release: 11 November, 2011

This romantic thriller drama is apparently a story of UP-based royal family. This intricate political tale is bundled with an intrigue betrayal between a gorgeous Nawab begum, her Nawab husband and determined young man named Babblo. The lack of husband's attention drives Nawab Begum towards another man. The film also has a dash of humor, romance and action.

Release: 30 September, 2011

A young man Kush who is an assistant director tries to find a bride for his older UK based brother Luv. He meets Dimple and decides to fix Luv's marriage with her. But eventually, Dimple and Kush fall in love with each other.

Release: 09 September, 2011

Divya, a daughter of a noble business tycoon is protected and followed by her bodyguard Lovely Singh. She gets irritated with Lovely's company everywhere she gets and to keep away from him, she starts calling him from a private number donning the name of Chhaya, a mystery girl. Lovely falls in love with Chhaya but does not know the fact that Divya is Chhaya. Divya too, eventually falls in love with Lovely but is scared to reveal Chhaya's identity to him.

Release: 31 August, 2011

A decision by India's supreme court tests Deepak Kumar's loyalty and friendship. It also tests the devotion of a student for his mentor.

Release: 12 August, 2011

This is an out and out action flick of Bollywood. It is a remake of Tamil blockbuster of the year 2010 named 'Singam'. This is about a dedicated Police Inspector Bajirao Singham and his fight against the issues like corruption. The movie talks about how Bajirao Singham gives a tough fight to the politician cum don called Jaikant Shikre. In short, it is about heroism and high-voltage stunts.

Release: 22 July, 2011

Three friends Arjun, Imraan and Kabir decide to go on their fantasy vacation in Spain after Kabir gets engaged to Natasha. All the three friends discover a totally new side of their lives while on the trip.

Release: 15 July, 2011

A gang of mischievous but innocent kids who lead a free life in their neighborhood Chandan Nagar, involves into a conflict with the big bad politician Bhide when the life of their pet friend, Bhidu gets into the danger.

Release: 08 July, 2011

This psychological thriller and crime story is a sequel to previous film 'Murder' of the year 2004. The character named Arjun Bhagwat, who is a former Police officer, is the pivotal character of the film. Arjun is ready to cross any boundary to earn money. Priya is the female protagonist of the film, who is a model by profession. Some thrilling psychological events give Arjun and Priya a near-death experience.

Release: 08 July, 2011

This black comedy rolls around three roommates named journalist Tashi, photographer Nitin Beri and Arup. All three of them lead a debt-ridden and messy life living in a sloppy flat. There is also a gangster named Somayajulu in the story.

Release: 01 July, 2011

In this suspense thriller, five drug addict friends Amy, KC, Dash, Zubin and Tanya decide fake the kidnapping of Amy in order to earn money. They need money to bribe a police officer who catches them for a hit and run case.

Release: 10 June, 2011

This romantic comedy is a remake of Telugu super hit flick 'Ready'. The story is about witty and wise Prem Kapoor, who loves helping the needy people. His family intends him to marry some NRI girl. The movie advances when a girl named Sanjana comes to live with Prem's family in their home.

Release: 03 June, 2011

Three friends Rajat, Vikrant and Nishant are roommates who live together in a flat in Noida. They fall in love with three girls and after that they experience the huge changes in their lives.

Release: 20 May, 2011

The supernatural horror flick shows the story of a couple Uday and Ragini who get out to relax and have fun at a farmhouse situated in an isolated jungle. After reaching to the place, the couple senses horror at the hands of some unknown evil power.

Release: 13 May, 2011

As the name says, this is a horror flick. This 3D flick is about a son of realtor called Rehan, who witnesses some spooky things in the mansion, when he tries to sell it. The movie contains things like spirits and shows the vigorous attempts of Rehan to get rid of all these ghostly elements.

Release: 06 May, 2011

This is a comic road trip loaded with adventure, humor and madness. The movie is an exhilarating road, air and rail voyage from Mumbai to Delhi of an investment banker Mihika Mukherjee and a middle-class saree trader Manu Gupta. These two personas capture the real India in the movie, such as an array of Indian people and their peculiarities.

Release: 29 April, 2011

This comedy-flick revolves around a group of four friends comprising of three boys and one girl. Three of friends score too less marks in their college exams, except the fourth friend, who scores well due to parental pressure. They decide to create a fake university to make bogus results to show to their parents. The further confusion leads one towards the advancing story of the movie.

Release: 01 April, 2011

This film is a blend of romance and comedy. It is a story of characters named Tanuja and Manoj, who belongs to completely diverse personality traits. Tanuja is a short-tempered girl, whereas Manoj has a cool nature. The story narrates their energetic love tale.

Release: 25 February, 2011

Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes's quest to find love leads her into a series of marriages. Her each marriage ends with the mysterious death of her husband.

Release: 18 February, 2011

The lives of four different individuals overlap with each other in Mumbai. The story revolves around Arun, a reclusive artist, Shai, a banker whose hobby is photography, Munna, a local washer-man and a newly married settler who records her experiences on a home video.

Release: 21 January, 2011

Paramvir Singh Dhillon, a married Indo-Canadian NRI goes to India in search of his estranged father Dharam Singh and brother Gajodhar Singh. In his journey to reunite with his divided family, Paramvir faces many challenges and difficulties.

Release: 14 January, 2011

This is a poignant drama based on an infamous murder case took place in Delhi in 1999. A model and restaurant worker named Jessica Lall was shot dead in Delhi by a filthy-rich son of a politician. This political crime thriller has its roots dipped in this horrific incident. In this film, the protagonist Jessica is shown killed at the hands of a spoiled brat and the actual movie commences.

Release: 07 January, 2011