Prasoon Joshi replaced Pahlaj Nihalani as new chief for CBFC, from yesterday!

Vidya Balan will also be joining in his team and brought suitable changes in the content certification of the content!

By BollywoodMDB Team - August 12, 2017

It was sigh of relief for most of the fraternity members in Bollywood, or any film industry from a territory, upon the news of Pahlaj Nihalani will no longer holding his post as chief of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and new person be selected as chief is Prasoon Joshi, a noted and renowned lyrics writer and probably righteous person to fil in the shoe as CBFC Chief. And more to it, Vidya Balan also joins Prasoon Joshi’s team as part of the reconstituted CBFC. Both the new joining has well rooted credentials to their name and career, far enough to justify their appointments. And their tenure as chief will start from 11th August 2017 for a period of three years or until further orders.

Prasoon Joshi replaced Pahlaj Nihalani as new chief for CBFC, from yesterday!
Pahlaj Nihalani out Prasoon Joshi In

Former Chief Pahlaj Nihalani was mostly being subjected to crucifixion, trolled and criticised for the decisions he made over his tenure as chief. Some of the key factor he is being accused was being relentless about cuts he drew on films and erotic scenes in particular, stalling film projects in process of certification process and also being tyrant and extremist about his views on what should be in films, and obscenity in particular. Even upon timely removal from the post, his reaction was “I hope I am remembered as the CBFC chairperson who took a firm stand against vulgarity, pseudo-liberalism.”

To the other corner, Prasoon Joshi is sure more than just a lyricist. He is also screenwriter, poet and CEO of McCann World group India and Chairman Asia Pacific region. And even for his lyrical work in Bollywood he received many Filmfare and National Film Awards for his work and even recipient of Padma Sri for his contributions towards the field of Arts, Literature and Advertising. With such bright achievements to his title, Prasoon had to win this race!

Prasoon Joshi replaced Pahlaj Nihalani as new chief for CBFC, from yesterday!
Prasoon Joshi & Vidya Balan

Even Vidya Balan was super excited for the new job posting and responsibility and even expressed “I am very happy to join the CBFC and I hope to fulfill my responsibilities as a member to the best of my abilities. I look forward to this new and exciting phase where our cinema will be allowed to reflect the sensibilities, realities and complexities of the society we are living in today!”

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