21 February, 2014 | 2 hrs 13 mins

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Banner : Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, UTV Motion Pictures, Window Seat Films

Director : Imtiaz Ali

Producer : Imtiaz Ali , Sajid Nadiadwala

Star : Randeep Hooda , Alia Bhatt

Veera Tripathi, a rich daughter of a Delhi-based dominant entrepreneur, gets kidnapped by some highway robbers for ransom. Owing to distressing childhood, Veera re-discovers herself after getting kidnapped. She finds freedom in this. One of those criminals, Mahabir Bhati starts developing a bond with the young Veera that makes Veera and Mahabir share their life stories with each other during this road journey. Here open ups some unknown secrets from their lives, that make the tale change its track.

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A rich industrialist's family in Delhi is busy with the wedding preparations. But, the bride-to-be Veera Bhati (Alia Bhatt) is not at all happy with the traditional stuff going on in the home. Veera ... More

Highway movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - February 21, 2014

Critic's Rating :

One Line Review: A bumpy, heroic yet soulful road voyage that dishes out new sights and makes way for a fresh breeze.

Positive Points: Captivating vista, Impressive performance by Alia Bhatt, Excellent cinematography, Enchanting music.

Negative Points: Sluggish second half, Certain ambiguous scenes in the second half.

Plot: The wedding preparations are in full swing in a Delhi-based affluent industrialist's family. However, the young and beautiful bride-to-be, Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt) is not much happy about the wedding rituals and all. One day, she plans to go on a secret drive with her ... full Highway Review


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